My name is Lamees and I’m 28 years of age.  My passions, simply put, are just a pen and paper. I love to draw, sketch and write. I love to travel, meeting people from all walks of life and learning about different cultures. I listen to all sorts of music and I’m somehow always known as the ‘DJ’ wherever I go.

In the last 10 months I embarked on one of the most challenging but rewarding roles I’ve ever had to face: I became a mum to my darling baby boy. When I’m not busy tending to his every need I freelance several days a week. I’ve really enjoyed easing back into the work force, pursing my passion for design, teaching my little one a thing or two along the way.

Prior to that I was at STA Travel as Web/Graphic Designer in charge of all print and web collateral including retail campaign posters, flyers and stationary, as well as EDM’s, static and flash banners. Other media included video, billboard ads and television LCD screen artwork.

Ultimately, my aim is to grow and develop in the dynamic and ever-changing field of multimedia design. The knowledge gained throughout my varied work experience has enabled me to acquire the skills which extend over a spectrum of qualifications that are invaluable to an emerging artist.